January 12, 2017

KTS Logistics Heightens Service with New Asset-Based Cartage and Online Shipment Tracking

KTS Logistics is pleased to announce two service enhancing features to start off 2017. Both allow for better shipment control and improved service to their customers. January 9th marks the commencement of their own local cartage/pick-up and delivery service in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). This will be closely followed by a web-based shipment tracking on their site at www.KTS.ca


The decision to put their own "rubber on the road" was a natural progression for the fast growing third party logistics company. KTS Owner and President, Terry Tamburro explains,
"We have a great network of partner carriers across North America. Still, with a high percentage of shipments either commencing or terminating in the GTA, we believe the addition of our own P&D equipment will improve service all around."

The KTS P&D equipment will run as far East as Pickering, North to Newmarket, West to Guelph and South to downtown Toronto. Equipped for tailgate service, deliveries to retail outlets will be a focus. The combination of asset and non-asset resources gives KTS added capacity, coverage and greater control over clients´ shipment requirements.

KTS customers can use their shipment reference number or waybill number to get all the critical shipment information they need through the KTS website. The site features a secure portal for customers and a Fast Track feature which provides up-to-the-minute shipment status by simply entering the shipment reference or waybill number. Terry Tamburro adds, "As a 3PL, integrating multiple North American carriers´ data to provide a single customer portal is both unique and helpful for our clients."

March 5, 2015

KTS Logistics is on the move

KTS Logistics announced today that they have moved to larger premises to allow for continued expansion of their freight management offering. The firm has grown significantly since being purchased just a few years ago by President, Terry Tamburro.

With their new facility, they will be situated near the major intersection of Highway 7 and Pine Valley Drive and are close to all major highways. The facility has a cross dock operation and will allow for additional growth of the organization. Terry Tamburro adds, "It suits our needs into the future and will allow us to better serve our clients."

Effective March 7th, 2015 our new location address will be:
150 Trowers Road, Woodbridge, ON L4L 5Z4. Our contact numbers will remain the same.

For over 20 years, KTS has been an industry leader in the LTL transport of dry goods. Their skill, experience and knowledge of the transportation industry has created many new opportunities for them to expand their service offerings. Their services range from intermodal LTL to Western Canada, overnight LTL service between Ontario and Quebec markets, LTL to Atlantic Canada, transborder LTL and most recently North American flat deck LTL. To find out more about KTS Logistics visit their website at www.kts.ca

March 2014

KTS Logistics is excited to be a new member of the NTBA

KTS Logistics recently joined the ranks as a member of the National Transportation Brokers Association (NTBA). The Association is comprised of a network of Canadian transportation companies offering freight brokerage services. The key focus of the non-profit organization is to improve business relationships between brokers, shippers, carriers and the government. Emphasis is placed on positive networking, productive discussion and sharing ideas, innovation, policies and procedures that streamline efficiencies within the transportation industry.

"It´s really an exciting step for the company to become part of an organization like the NTBA," said Terry Tamburro, Managing Partner of KTS. "One of my associates in the industry introduced the idea of becoming a member some time ago and I got started on the application process. It´s really valuable to be in on the networking events, discussions and resources the NTBA offers."

The application to become a member of the Association is quite rigorous. Organizations are evaluated on their ethics and professionalism, their commitment to industry best practices and the continuing education of their staff. As a new member, KTS is looking forward to all the resources the NTBA offers from networking with other brokers, carriers and shippers to regular education meetings, complete with presentations from recognized industry experts.

KTS introduces LTL flatbed service across North America

KTS Logistics is pleased to announce the addition of LTL flatbed transportation to their suite of value added services. For over 20 years, KTS has been an industry leader in the LTL transport of dry goods. Their skill, experience and knowledge of the transportation industry means continual growth and development, company-wide. This most recent addition to their service offering happened as a result of increased customer demand for an LTL flatbed division.

Managing Partner of KTS, Terry Tamburro says, "We started doing LTL flatbed transport successfully for a few accounts. Gradually, we saw more and more of a demand. We took our time in bringing on the right agents and developing strategic relationships. In doing this, we were able to hone our expertise in the area and bring more customers on board who need this type of service. KTS launched LTL flatbed as part of our service menu in early December 2013."

KTS has a team and a network to support the specialized nature of LTL flatbed transportation. With their focus remaining on shipping dry goods throughout Canada and the United States, Terry is confident this is a definite area of growth for the company.

"We´ve worked really hard to establish trust throughout our network of customers and we´ll continue to do so as we move forward and grow," he said. KTS Logistics maintains a constant commitment to flexible, efficient transportation solutions. As their breadth of services increases and their customer network expands, the team will work to streamline processes and continue to offer top-tier service, across the board.