We cross borders daily to better serve our clients

Our activity between Canada and the United States continues to increase. With a primary focus on LTL dry goods, we only work with carriers that have all Homeland Security programs in place. Our skilled team can assist you with a better understanding of customs procedures, documentation and the various consolidation and pre-clearance options available to save costs and reduce possible delays at the border.

LTL service from the Carolinas to California

Regardless of the origin or destination, KTS can provide an LTL solution to make shipping between Canada and the USA as easy as shipping across town. Our team understands every aspect of shipping LTL between our countries and work closely with our strategic partners to ensure delivery schedules are met. These include appointment and curbside delivery requirements. We avoid the hub and spoke distribution system that many large carriers use and tend to partner with load and go carriers for improved transit times and less handling. We offer choice, flexibility and coverage, coast-to-coast.